At Mollaga, our natural passion for food and cooking is largely a result of our upbringing where a meal brought together a diverse gathering of rich Indian flavors to become the central part of our daily family life.

Mollaga is an Indian inspired grill that combines authentic exotic traditional recipes with a modern culinary twist. Our food is both bold and familiar, blending fresh healthy ingredients with flavorful Indian spices derived from our ancient creative roots.

The customized merging of unique toppings and zesty sauces enhance the protein and vegetarian selections such as: chicken tikka marinated in tandoori spices, slow cooked braised shredded beef and roasted spicy fragrant cauliflower and veggie mix served in a bowl or roti wrap with your choice of rice mix.


At Mollaga, we pride ourselves on warm friendly and efficient service in a fun cool ambience resulting in a distinctive and memorable customer experience. We strive to operate with socially and environmentally conscious business practices that looks to always give back to the community that supports us.

Mollaga wants to introduce you to a celebration of tastes in an innovative Indian culinary adventure.

Come join us.